High school agrees to halt Chrysler Rams logo use

Lake Mary High School concedes it has no legal grounds on which to resist Chrysler’s request. Contrary to many readers’ suggestions, the automaker did not agree to license the logo’s use on cordial terms. To quote the Orlando Sentinel account:

“As I am sure you can appreciate from your years of work with the board, control of use of a mark by enthusiastic students and parents is quite simply not practical, and I know the school and board would not want to be in the position of censoring student expression associated with the design,” wrote Judith Powell, an attorney for Chrysler.

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  • It would be deliciously ironic if the school, with permission, renamed the team, the Fords, complete with logo.

  • Chysler Should Take the “High Road”

    Chrysler and the school could benefit by coming to an agreement that would allow the school to use the logo with the school paying royalties to Chrysler for all items sold with the logo on it as well as ticket sales for events “sporting” the logo on the floor, field or uniforms. Or perhaps Chrysler could sponsor the school, with donations of vehicles or direct donations to the vocational skills like autoshop. Imagine the goodwill Chrysler would create with all those young impressionable teen drivers and motorheads. They may even inspire a young engineer to go on and design a Chrysler car that would actually sell!

    It’s not like the school is competing with Chrysler to sell cars. Besides, Chrysler can use the money!