• The fact that dirt bikes are still illegal under the CPSIA a year after the law came into effect is further evidence, if you needed any more, that the American legislative system is badly, badly broken. A healthy, well-functioning system corrects mistakes when they happen. No one who drafted the CPSIA intended it to apply to dirt bikes, the harmful economic effects of this mistake became obvious early on, and the fix to the law would have been quite simple. But the legislative system has been unable to even admit that a mistake was made, let alone come up with a solution. This is something that every American should be concerned about. It goes far beyond the damage caused by the CPSIA. A broken legislative system can only produce bad laws, and if the system is so broken that it can’t fix mistakes, then those bad laws can never be fixed.

  • GregS wrote “No one who drafted the CPSIA intended it to apply to dirt bikes,..”.

    Really. Rationality does not apply to chemical nuts. CPSIA is very much a revival tent phenomenon where believers are encouraged in their fight against Satan.

  • So why can’t someone sue to try to get the CPSIA law declared unconstitutional under ex post facto, since the law effectively made many products –which were legally made at the time of production–illegal?