“No Brownies at Bake Sales, but Doritos May Be O.K.”

Surreal notes from the frontiers of food paternalism in the New York City school system:

“It’s unrealistic to say a young adult can’t make a decision about whether they can eat something,” said David Greenblatt, 18, a senior at the High School of American Studies at Lehman College. “Soon I’ll be in college, and I won’t have Mommy or Daddy or Chancellor Klein sitting right next to me saying, ‘Hey David, don’t eat that, its too high in calories.’”

Coming soon to a school system near you. [Sharon Otterman, NYT “City Room”] A roundup of reactions: Gail Robinson, Gotham Gazette “Wonkster”.


  • I thought Michelle Obama promised to ban Doritos in schools?

  • I’ve worked hard to teach my son to make good choices. I was quite proud of his reaction to Klein’s allowing pre-packaged items and doritos in bake sales but banning homebaked goods, “Wow… these nanny guys really do like the big corporations don’t they!” Bravo!
    Perhaps the nanny bullies will find way to provide some of the funding needs that parents have taken over by these bake sales…. or perhaps they’ll close all the stores that the children gather at to buy their candy and packaged cookies to keep the middle and high schoolers away from those goods…..