$9M alienation of affection award in NC

The defendant wasn’t at trial and didn’t have a lawyer, and plans to appeal; the judgment might as well be for $73 gazillion, as the ex-husband is already in contempt of court for failure to pay spousal support. (Greensboro News-Record March 18 and March 17 via Volokh). We’ve been covering the issue for years, as a click on the tags will reveal.


  • I’d think if his affections were alienated so easily, he’s not worth $9 million, even if he does have a decent job.

  • Note also that social conservative Maggie Gallagher is once again promoting her bad idea of lawsuits against websites and other third party enterprises that “facilitate” adultery, which we mentioned in a brief post a year ago.

  • Even scooter trash like me knows you don’t monkey with another monkey’s monkey.

  • $9 million is more than 5 times average lifetime earnings. I didn’t know that North Carolina was so hoity toity, but then again I do not live in a luxurious-trailer park.