• It really is a sad tragedy when a child dies. But, it is really a symptom of the nanny state that a product like a baby sling is considered risky because of 13 reported deaths averaging about 1 a year. That is very safe, probable far safer than almost anything else. It is a shame when the govt has to justify its existence by issuing these warnings. Did it ever occur to the nannies that after awhile, people began to ignore both themselves and the warnings?

  • The concept of measuring exposure to get a rate that can be compared to being hit by lightning on a Friday the Thirteenth is beyond the legislators involved with CPSC. The Congresswoman from Illinois Janice Schakowsky went nuts over two suspected deaths from drop side cribs. She is really stupid.

  • I’m waiting for the recall or class action on shoes with laces since if they should become untied the laces represent a tripping hazard.

    These patents attest to the danger:

    We already have a lawsuit (mentioned on this site?) for a manufacturer not using a patented device.

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