• Adelman cites several law review articles in explaining how some bosses with very subjective employee evaluation can fall into making judgments based on stereotypes, “of which they may or may not be entirely aware,” including those concerning black males. He concludes that here, Donoghue “seemed to regard plaintiff as if he were ‘veiled with images of incompetency.’?”

    So Judge Adelman had her mind made up beforehand, it appears. A liberal judge stews in the bias juices of a hundred writings by liberal law professors and law students, and the result is predictable. Another layer of irony?

  • I read a collection of law review articles about the Martha Stewart case. Noting that the articles were “babble” is too kind to them. Judge Adelman doesn’t seem to get the spirit of Daubert.

  • I meant to make the first paragraph of my comment a block quote, but I obviously screwed that up.