Finger-in-the-chili lady out of jail

Speaking of national media hoaxes, today’s San Jose Mercury News profiles the post-incarceration life of Anna Ayala. The digital pioneer is divorced from co-conspirator Jaime Plascencia, who is still in prison. Ayala’s greatest trauma from her four years in prison (out of her nine-year sentence) seems to be that everyone called her the Finger Lady. She’s permanently banned from Wendy’s, so she’ll miss out on the Baconator.


  • ” She’s permanently banned from Wendy’s, so she’ll miss out on the Baconator.”

    Would this qualify as cruel and unusual punishment?

  • I’m curious as to how Wendy’s will keep Ms. Ayala out of any Wendy’s in the country? Will there be a “persona non grata” list and photograph posted at the door? Will all employees be required to memorize her face?

    Sounds like Ayala is milking this for more publicity.

  • I’m going back a bit, but I can’y help but think she would be well deserving of Rowan & Martin’s Flying Fickle Finger of Fate Award

  • I suspect that if she were to enter a Wendy’s, no one would notice. But if she were to report any hijinx, they would tell her that she was banned and thus tresspassing, or something like that, and any legal action she might try to initiate would be moot. Of course today’s judicial activists would claim that whatever injustice she had suffered would be a right (to justice) that she could not waive…

    KB, I especially like the R&M reference.