“Goodwin Liu’s America”

I have an op-ed about the pending Ninth Circuit nomination, which the Senate Judiciary Committee will consider tomorrow. If some of the language sounds vaguely familiar, it stems from an earlier Ted, and it especially amused me how much more appropriate Senator Kennedy’s words were for Professor Liu than for Judge Bork.

See also The Heritage Foundation’s discussion.

Update: and Ed Whelan’s NRO piece. And Ilya Shapiro and Evan Turgeon in the Daily Caller.


  • This is why I don’t read Op-Eds – no context. Makes em pointless drivel.

  • Ted, you seem to be quoting Liu without providing any context beyond a couple words (e.g., “free enterprise”). I can’t really discern what Liu actually said — do you have a link to something more than that?

  • Your don’t seem very concerned with whether he is qualified to judge (i.e. analytical skill, organizational skills, understanding of the law, ability to be rational). Instead, your whole argument seems to center on your distaste for his perspective. Is that really appropriate criteria to assess a judge?

  • A judge is supposed to uphold the constitution. Liu has made it clear that that his not view of the role of the judiciary. So, yes, that is an appropriate criterion to assess a potential judge, given that Congress is not inclined to impeach judges for abusing their powers once they are appointed to the lifetime position.