March 26 roundup

  • Woman “discreetly” leaning over to use cellphone during movie says armrest smacked her on head, sues theater [Chicago Breaking News, Sun-Times] Plus: more links at ChicagoNow;
  • For a really cogent analysis of the effects of lawsuits over independent contractor classification, ask someone whose livelihood is at stake, like this Massachusetts stripper [Daily Caller]
  • Menaced by lawsuit, yanks a blog attacking a cancer therapist, then restores it [MWW]
  • Baby slings, cont’d: a CPSC recall, and already Sokolove and Lieff Cabraser are advertising [Stoll, more, earlier]
  • Law student’s suit demanding pass/fail grading in legal writing class results in “fail” [ABA Journal]
  • More details on new federal mandate for restaurant and vending machine calorie counts [update to earlier post]
  • “As suits pile up, plaintiff labeled ‘vexatious litigant'” [Virginian-Pilot]
  • Tweet a summary of your favorite Supreme Court case (& cc in comments below if you like) [Daniel Schwartz, hashtag #cbftech, what others have done]


  • Scott is a vexatious litigant because he is not a licensed lawyer. What he needs to do is to pass the bar, hen he can sue everyone to his heart’s delight.


  • A law student who sued his school over a less-than-stellar grade in his legal writing course not only got a fair evaluation in that subject but needs to do some more studying on the law of contracts, too, according to an appeals court ruling today.

    I think this should become the new paradigm for law schools. Trial by fire!

  • I don’t see how the arm of the chair could have hit her head in the first place, but then, how many times has the woman gone back to the Kerasotes theater to see movies since June 2008?

  • Kimsch, I am betting that the person sitting behind her probably pushed the chair arm on her head. I have almost confiscated cell phones from other people when they start jabbering away during a movie I paid to watch.

  • She forgot to sue the person who called her, too.

  • What makes you think some one called her?


  • The labeling requirements for vending machines will make it impossible for the vendor to change selections. Great, more legislation, less choice.

  • Bob Lipton asked,

    “What makes you think some one called her?”

    Other than the lead paragraph in the second linked article, not much.

    “A Niles woman says she suffered a concussion while watching “The Incredible Hulk” when she bent down to “discreetly” answer her phone and was hit in the head by the armrest that suddenly dropped down.”

  • Re the independent contractor:

    The stripper woman says “To me, a lesbian is a person with a dour world view who meets a similar woman, bonds with her, and they proceed to have a sex life so banal and tedious …”

    So I would continue reading to ascertain this person’s opinions on other subjects because…?