• ok, i`ll lead off. i think the country is going to heck in a hand basket.

  • Doug, I think we’ve already gotten there, the question is can we ever get a return ticket.

    Walter, now you know why us dumb Southerners keep a generator handy.

  • Country going to hell in a hand basket?

    Oh yeah, I just rule 34ed that.

  • A read of historical newpapers will show that the United States has been going to hell in a hand basket for two hundred years. Perhaps we are just getting there quicker now.

  • Resolved:

    The “overlawyered” problem is a serious and far-reaching one. It’s a great topic of discussion and study and a worthwhile target of reform. To me, it’s a top symptom of a society out of control. Healthy, functioning societies don’t have infinitely expanding laws, rules and codes.

    But the underlying causes of overlawyering, too many frivolous lawsuits the litigation society won’t be cured by policy changes or tort reform. The underlying causes are a society that has become too big, too fractious, and too insistent on individuality over the common good. The moral hazard territory in such a society is enormous. People in America no longer share a culture, a language or a heritage that would put common-sense brakes on a lot of this activity.

    Why not “get yours”, if everyone else is?

  • I guess I shouldn’t mention how it’s 70 degrees here in Arizona…. oops. 🙂

  • AA pegs it right on. It is difficult not to `get yours`. There has been several times when my wife and I cosidered that route, but opted not to. There is much that is good about this country, but the rot is growing.