Swiss vote down lawyers-for-animals proposal

By a 70-30 margin [Telegraph] Earlier coverage is here, and the Wall Street Journal profiled the one cantonal animal public defender in an article last week.

P.S. Ann Althouse, on reading about the “lawyers-for-pets plan”: “I thought: What? Do you turn in your lawyer and get a pet in exchange?”


  • “It took 10 minutes of struggle to reel the pike in before killing it. I regard that as cruelty. If someone had done that to a puppy, there would have been outrage,” he said.

    Especially the eating part! 🙂

    “People accused of animal cruelty very often hire lawyers to defend themselves. Why shouldn’t someone speak for the animal as well? It’s about fairness and defending a minority.” .

    Dr. Dolittle, is that you?

    “Also, for some the institution of an animal lawyer is too bizarre.” .

    Ya think!

  • According to the article:

    [Switzerland] is also known for its right-to-die laws that draw hundreds of foreigners each year to Switzerland to kill themselves.

    When you’re thinking of killing yourself, think of Switzerland!


  • Just my luck. Sued by a duck.