• On the news the other day, one of his lawyers (implying this avg citizen has more than one) spoke about Toyotas allegations. He happened to be a personal injury and product liability lawyer. Wonder when they met? I mean, other mass product liability cases have never involved shenanigans…

  • I have a comment on the James Sikes Toyota runaway, I first though it was phony and it may be (but). After reading the Toyota report of the black box I as suspect of the results. They said that the brakes and accelerator had been operated as many as 250 times. If we figure the total time of the event we will find according to the 911 report that there was 23 minutes involved. If we do the math we will find that the brake and accelerator would have to have been hit every 5 seconds. and assuming that the car was not running away that would mean that it was being fueled only about half of that time. The brakes were on about half of the time. I do not believe that the car could have gotten up to a high speed by being fueled about half of the time and the brakes being on about half of the time. And another thing if the brakes had been hit evert 5 second the brake lights would have been flashing. And the brakes were worn down to metal to metal I have read.
    Curious- Hugh Clark

  • I am a little concerned that Toyota does not allow the authorities to down load their black box information, a little bit like a fox in the hen house.

  • Are the repaired accelerators working