“Washington: Legislature May Allow Cops To Seize Cars At Will”

“Police in Washington state will have the power to take any car for at least twelve hours under legislation passed unanimously by the state House earlier this month and considered by a Senate committee yesterday.” The bill would provide for minimum 12 hour impoundment of any vehicle in a DUI arrest, whether or not the charges are dropped or the vehicle is owned by an innocent third party. “The Towing and Recovery Association of Washington is one of the main lobbying organizations pushing for the adoption of the law.” [TheNewspaper.com]


  • What we need is a good law to let the government seize your car if the Red Light cameras peg you.

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  • Crony capitalism at its worst. Enforced by the full coercive power of the state…..

    Hmmmm can there be a law where I can seize a tow truck for 12 hours and make its owner cough up a few hundred to get it back?

  • Where I grew up anyone could take your car for 12 hours without permission or getting in any trouble. (Thanks in no small part to none other than John Marshall himself! Talk about your separation of powers!) Why should the cops be worse than John Q. Citizen?

  • What we need here is a broadly written federal law that bars government from seizing private property (with limited exceptions – warrants and due process). We could even codify it on an old piece of parchment and have a bunch of dudes in wigs sign it. It would look even better if we put the number “four” in front of it.