April 15 roundup

  • Naperville, Illinois: psychologist sues homeless man saying she was defamed in his blog [AP]
  • Unusual case from Erie, Pa.: “Girl claims injuries from price scanner” [AP/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette] Judge dismisses complaint for lack of evidence [Erie Times-News]
  • Too true: “Motion Control Advances Mean Future Generations Could Play Outside” [Brian Briggs, BBSpot via Free-Range Kids]
  • Huzzah for Husson: Maine university drops quest to add law school [Bangor Daily News]
  • Town sued over pool drowning of 13 year old boy seeks to add boy’s parents to suit [Ridgewood News, NorthJersey.com]
  • Manhattan judge sanctions Morelli Ratner law firm $6,000 over “spiteful”, “wasteful” lawsuit against former client [NYLJ, January]
  • “Canada is now a land that prosecutes comedians for their jokes.” [Steyn, Maclean’s] Ron Coleman’s unkind comment: “I’ve heard their comedians. It’s about time.”
  • “Smokey the Bear’s rules for fire safety also apply to government: Keep it small, keep it in a confined area, and keep an eye on it.” [David Boaz, Cato at Liberty]


  • On Canadian comedians, now, now. Actually there are a freakish large number of Canadian natives who are or were famous comedians. Jim Carrey, the enitre case of Kids in the Hall, John Candy and the entire case of SCTV (I believe they are all Cannuckistanis). The list goes on and on. Like Wiki has this list http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Canadian_comedians.

    So I think anyone who puts down canadian comedy, doesn’t know what he is talking aboot.

    [get it? “Aboot?” i kill me.]

    That being said, I wonder if we can bring these canadian comedians to the united states on amnesty, now.

  • A Naperville psychologist has filed a civil lawsuit against the western Chicago suburb’s best-known homeless man.

    What does she hope to gain from this lawsuit? Isn’t he the definition of judgment proof?

  • Attention all checkers! Price scanners are to be set on STUN only! That is all.

  • Price scanners causing injury should have been an expected evolution from sticker shock.

  • [email protected] once, I think we can all agree that this suit really isn’t about the money. I imagine that the psychologist wants the allegedly defamatory blog posts taken down an an injunction barring future defamatory posts.

  • About the drowning suit.

    I wonder what happened. According to the link, the boy had teenage friends with him. You don’t have to be Buster Crabbe to get a kid to the side of a pool. Where was the life guard?