April 4 roundup


  • That’s nothing, I have a friend who is a well regarded IT guru who changed his named to “Megazone”.

    Just Megazone.

  • Xmas — maybe your IT guru friend should talk to the Ohio judge.

  • Undue encumbrance? “Developers Trying To Treat Houses Like Copyright; Want A Cut Of Every Future Resale”

    … State Goverments (at least in FL) have been doing this for years. Buy a used car, pay sales tax on it despite the fact that (most) used cars sell for less than when it was new.

  • […] Ohio: “A state court judge demands $50 million from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, claiming it wrongfully exposed her and her daughter as the source of online comments about the judge’s cases, including a criminal prosecution over the murder of 11 women. Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Judge Shirley Strickland Saffold and her daughter, Sydney, seek damages for fraud, defamation, tortious interference, breach of contract, and invasion of privacy. ” [Courthouse News, Solove/Concur Op] Earlier here. […]