Bank shouldn’t have allowed her to give scammer C$10,000

“An 86-year-old Vancouver fraud victim has taken a stand against Canada’s biggest bank, saying her Royal Bank branch shouldn’t have allowed her to withdraw $10,000 on her Visa card to give to a scam artist with no questions asked.” [CBC]


  • This blog post does not seem to have a lawyer component.

    For an interim update on the first “related post” see here: The litigation however as not concluded.

    Although this attorney was scammed when he deposited a counterfeit tellers check and wired the proceeds to Hong Kong, he is suing Citibank over the fiasco because Citibank allegedly told him that the check had cleared. The scammed lawyer’s case may actually be meritorious (although as he admitted, he is a “Dumbass with a capital ‘D.”‘

  • So she wishes to have herself declared incompetent?


  • Oddly enough (or perhaps not), some ten years ago or so, I withdrew $4,000 in cash from my savings account.

    The teller asked me what it was for. I replied it was none of her business. Yeah, that developed into a ‘you can’t talk to me like that.’ conttretemps.

    Still, I would not want my bank to inquire what I planned on doing with my money.