Beyond parody: Lerach plans to teach law at Irvine

Released from prison, the felonious class-actioneer plans to join Dean Erwin Chemerinsky’s left-leaning new University of California law school to lecture students on the topic of “Regulation of Free Market Capitalism — Why Have We Failed?”. He also apparently intends to claim the time spent in this propagandistic effort toward his community service obligation. In an interview with Diane Bell of the San Diego Union-Tribune, he says of his past legal practice: “I would not have done anything differently.” “I also intend to be active in progressive political activities probably with the Campaign for America’s Future,” he says. [Sign On San Diego, WSJ Law Blog, Ribstein; cross-posted from Point of Law]


  • i hate to be rude but i believe your 13 days late on reporting this

  • He better careful, I hear that Attorney General Jerry Brown is interested in prosecuting University organizations that involve themselves in partisan politics.

  • He’ll leave enough money in his will to endow a chair there.