• Btw, in other news, Al Gore just bought beachfront property.

    Gee, its almost like Al really doesn’t think the oceans are going to rise, after all.

  • The science behind the actual results is quite a bit more robust than the lay-person realizes. Take a look at this post for a good summary of the debacle’s current focus.

    Maybe this wasn’t the best fight for him to pick, but it’s hard to say that that condones the slander, lies, and death threats that have come from people who believe the mass media somehow knows more about science than scientists.

  • […] Via Overlawyered. […]

  • I am not a lawyer, but if I was I think I would enjoy the discovery process.

  • Sadly with all those wasted smarts for predicting the weather, I mean climate, he failed to look up the word PARODY. And a damn fine one it was at that.

  • Ben S, thanks for enlightening us “lay-people” about climategate. What confuses me is if the science is so robust, why did these researchers conspire to misrepresent the data and to prevent critics from publishing? Unfortunately these researchers have done great harm to science by corrupting science in the name of politics. Skepticism is the very essence of science. Without the ability to challenge accepted truths, science cannot advance. By the way are you also concerned about the fact that Hanson called for critics of the science of global warming to be tried for crimes against humanity as the “death threats”?

  • Man, that cat was a cool bass player. Great PARODY.

  • Skepticism doesn’t mean “I believe nothing that I’m told.” A good outline of what it means to be skeptical can be found in this article or this one.

    Also, the talking points from Fox that you quote don’t hold up to reality (not that the mainstream media would lead you to think that).

    Regarding the “critics”, have you heard of Naomi Oreskes? She has written (and written) and spoken on this very subject, and has a new book due out soon.

    For the record, I’m a retailer, not a scientist, and we’re heading pretty far off-topic.

  • For the record, I’m a retailer, not a scientist, and we’re heading pretty far off-topic.

    For the record Ben S, I am a scientist (Ph.D. Physicist). Please don’t lecture me on science. You are the only one with a set of talking points. Too bad you don’t understand any of it.

  • In a related religion-oriented story, see Muslim complaints about publishing pictures of Mohammed.

  • Richard, who do you expect us to believe? A Ph.D. level scientist, in an applicable physical science, or a guy who couldn’t graduate from the state law school, when his Daddy was the US Senator, but whose presentation uses real cool Fx from a major motion picture?