Complaint: inmate might be allergic to execution drug

A lawyer for a condemned Ohio prisoner says it could be illegal to execute him because he may be allergic to the anesthesia used in the lethal injection procedure. [AP/Columbus Dispatch via James Taranto, who has additional background]


  • Makes one wonder what’s wrong with Ol’ Sparky. Time to dust him off.

  • Of more concern would be the allergic reaction to the lethal injection part.

    I did write a short story about a lactose intolerant death row inmate enjoying a last meal of cheesecake thinking it wouldn’t matter. The conviction was reversed and the character was sick the first two days of freedom.

  • Besides which, with the new protocol Ohio uses they could just use the backup from the beginning. Is he claiming to be allergic to both?

  • gee, its almost like being a murderer is a bad idea.

    Hey i am allergic to death, too.

  • As an anesthesiologist with many decades of experience with thiopental, I can assure you that there will be no reaction, allergic or otherwise, that would occur prior to the onset of death.

  • I suppose execution by firing squad is out of the question. The EPA would accuse the prison of giving him lead poisoning.