• After one of my late relatives got soaked in the probate process we learned the basics of wills, trusts, and estates. That was a costly lesson. It was right about the time that I became a regular at overlawyered.com…coincidence?

  • It sounds disgraceful.

    Speaking on the other side, my brother and I have tried to do a good job of running the trusts established under our mother’s will in which we are granted full discretion and immunity. Anyone with a direct or indirect interest in the running of the wills is free to examine the books at any time…. and yet, when my father dies, we expect our sister will sue us. Are we to bear the costs personally?

    It caused me to include a clause in my will that anyone who challenges any of its provisions is cut out. Fortunately, New York courts recognize the validity of such clauses. I just wish I didn’t think it necessary.


  • What would be news would be finding someone under the “protection” of the probate court that was NOT being picked clean by the vultures in the system.

  • Goes to show we’ve learned nothing since at least the mid-1800’s. Sounds like a 21st century version of Dickens’s Bleak House to me.

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