Agency agrees: political expression isn’t fair-housing violation

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing has agreed to stop investigating citizens on the theory that their political speech in and of itself constitutes a potential violation of housing discrimination laws. I’ve got more on the case at Cato at Liberty. Related earlier here and here.


  • Why would you expect a government agency to let a little think like the First Amendment constrain its actions? Lord Acton was right. The more power you give to the government the more they abuse it.

  • Of course, is the political expression was FOR the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, they would have had no problem with it.

  • This is truly one of the most astounding stories I’ve seen here in a while. Makes me even more suspicious that the county assessor’s surprise inspection of my business–after I organized a group to fight a parcel tax and made the school district stop using my taxpayer dollars to promote a ballot initiative–was no coincidence….