May 24 roundup


  • You know, normally I think most gender discrimination suits are due to the incorrect notion that we should have equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity but that Novartis case makes me so angry I’m still seething about it.

    Novartis’s Sales management, Human Resources, Legal Department and whoever had the final authority here acted in a phenomenally stupid, irresponsible and cruel manner.

    Bah! Now I’m all angry again.

  • Sometimes I think about Mohammed Atta’s flying a jetliner into the World Trade Center on 9/11/01. Why didn’t he realize the insanity of his actions? Apparently he, and other fanatics like Timothy McVeigh, stew in their own juices and obsess about some injustice, real or imagined. Obsession affects many. At times Associate Justice Ginsburg stays into insanity with her woman’s lib outlook.

    The problem with the Norvartis suit is that the ladies who testified had plenty of time and monetary incentive to work themselves into a frenzy. Their testimony has no value as real evidence. Unfortunately the tort of discrimination often rests on hurt feelings. Whether or not a manager is guilty is determined by the whim of his accuser accuser. The ladies may have had hurt feelings at times, but don’t we all. THEY HAD JOBS. They were employed.

    A second phenomenon that has to be kept in mind is the power of suggestion. This is best illustrated in the little rascals case where every child claiming abuse was associated with Miss Judy. No child not helped by Miss Judy had any complaints. It looks to me that the plaintiff lawyer in the Norvartis case suggested a din of inequity and let the child-level minds of a jury do his work. His strategy worked for “Evil HR Lady” above.