May 3 roundup

  • Lawmakers in Georgia vote for bill to forbid forced micro-chipping after listening respectfully to “this happened to me” story [Popehat]
  • “Why does the Wall Street regulation overhaul give FTC authority over the Internet?” [Morrissey and WaPo via Gillespie]
  • “Woman alleges termination due to gender, not sleeping on the job” [SE Texas Record]
  • Writers’ Union of Canada surprisingly unfriendly toward writers’ freedom regarding fair use/fair dealing [BoingBoing]
  • Despite purported bar on strategic use, Senate bill to stay deportation of illegal aliens while workplace claims are pending would create incentive to come up with such claims [Fox, Employer’s Lawyer]
  • “California Magistrate Scoffs at Plaintiff’s MySpace Page, But Awards Damages Anyway” [Abnormal Use]
  • State of free speech in Britain: police confront man over political sign in window of his home, arrest preacher over anti-gay remarks [Mail and more, Telegraph via Steyn, related from Andrew Sullivan and MWW]
  • “Should Tort Law Be Tougher on Lawyers?” [Alex Long, TortsProf]

One Comment

  • On that microchip piece, I had an ADHD moment and followed the thread through Popehat’s page. It had an unrelated post which led me to Cato. I highly recommend viewing the Rules for dealing with Police – quite useful. Cato’s intro goes to 5:30 and then the video begins. You’ll get your fair share on Bill of Rights – 4th, 5th, and 6th.