• The trademark office will have to weigh that argument against the notion that “footlong” is commonly used to describe sandwiches that are 12 inches long, and not the property of one company.

    Ya think! And I thought this was going to be a post about a class action lawsuit against Subway because someone measured the sandwich and found it to be only 11 ¾ inches long. I know I am just being silly. Nobody would ever file such a ridiculous lawsuit. I don’t have time to write anymore about this now. I am going to lunch at Subways. Anyone see my ruler?

  • What if I call it a “foot-long”?

    FTA: which has been selling 12-inch hot dogs that it dares to calls “footlongs” for more than 40 years.

    Unbelievable. No one goes to Subway when they want a hot dog.

  • Can hardly wait for Subway to take on the Porn Industry.

  • In a couple of days the drive-by-media will chime in on this. Subway will suddenly realize some dip-s**t in their legal department reached too far, and they will issue a retraction saying it was done in error.

  • They already retracted. they’re only concerned with sandwiches.

  • I thought a hot dog WAS a sandwich. I guess I’m wrong again.