“David Carradine’s Widow Files Wrongful Death Suit”

“A year after ‘Kung Fu’ actor David Carradine died from a dangerous sex practice, his wife has filed suit, claiming he would still be alive if he hadn’t been left alone in a hotel that night.” California attorney and Overlawyered favorite Mark Geragos is representing Anne Carradine. [ABC News]


  • He should have had a hooker with him.


  • Last I checked employers are not required to provide baby sitters for their employees while they are not at work. I’m sorry Mr. Carradine is dead (he was excellent in “Kill Bill”) was but it was his fault 100% and his widow needs to get a job. The only way to stop stupid suits like this is through “loser Pays.”

  • To paraphrase the man’s best line, in the man’s best movie:

    “And the reason we won’t do that thing is because… that thing would lower us. Don’t you agree, Mrs. Carradine?”

  • Maybe his wife should have been with him.

  • You’d think after reading this site for ten years and writing for it for seven, there wouldn’t be a level of chutzpah that would drop my jaw, but congratulations Mr. Geragos.

  • Now, now, Geragos’ theory is that basically the average celebrity is about as capable of taking care of themselves as the average three month old infant.

    Which given what we know about celebrities seems oddly plausible.

    (yes, I am joking)

  • Btw, I am surprised that Geragos is not suing the alien wizard responsible for all of this: http://southpark.wikia.com/wiki/Sexual_Healing

  • Is there a picture of his wife? Maybe her looks drove him to do this.

  • This story has me all choked up.

  • But Anne Carradine claims her husband’s death could have been avoided if the production company, MK2 SA, had provided the actor with “all the best amenities” and “sufficient assistance.”

    I think she is seriously arguing that the production company was supposed to hire a hooker.

  • Well, no worries, it is not like Geragos ever actually prevails in any criminal or civil case …