• the way the press has treated this judge is shameful. To be blunt, the judge made a pretty straight down the line ruling based on pretty black letter law. If i was the president’s legal advisor, i would have told him from the start that he was more than likely screwed on the moratorium if only because of Salazar’s deception involved in the report. You should never be surprised if you are caught lying when you get smacked by the courts.

    That being said, this is one of those instances where a lawsuit can be a good thing. maybe a much weaker regulatory state would be, too, but we make do with what we can get.

  • That was the first thing they jumped on, the stock holdings, even though it was tenuous at best. Then, the death threats. He was unperturbed, however and went about his business. He judged at a food function with a security detail. He wasn’t about to let no stinking death threats bother him. A class act.