June 10 roundup

  • Compensation awards to soldiers in the UK: £161,000 for losing leg and arm, but £186,896 for sex harassment? [Telegraph]
  • Judge in banana pesticide fraud case says threats have been made against her and against witnesses [AP, L.A. Times]
  • Teacher plans to sue religious school that fired her for having premarital sex [Orlando Sentinel]
  • Now sprung from hoosegow, class-actioneer Lerach on progressive lecture circuit and “living in luxury” [Stoll, Carter Wood at PoL and ShopFloor (Campaign for America’s Future conference), San Diego Reader via Pero]
  • Connecticut law banning “racial ridicule” has palpable constitutional problems, you’d think, but has resulted in many prosecutions and some convictions [Volokh, Gideon]
  • Gone with the readers: newsmagazines, metro newspapers facing fewer libel suits [NY Observer] More: Lyrissa Lidsky, Prawfs.
  • Having Connecticut press comfortably in his pocket helped Blumenthal turn the tables against NY Times [Stein/HuffPo] Must not extend to the New Britain Herald News, though;
  • Interview with editor Brian Anderson of City Journal [Friedersdorf, Atlantic] I well remember being there as part of the first issue twenty years ago.

One Comment

  • Without suggesting that maimed soldiers don’t deserve substantial compensation, the case of the lesbian soldier awarded £186,896 for sexual harassment may not be as egregious as it sounds. A subsantial part of that award consisted of punitive damages, which are not a component of compensation for war-related injuries. Perhaps punitive damages should go to someone other than the victim, in the way of a fine, but the purpose is to punish the tortfeasor. I suspect, though I do not know the details, that badly injured soldiers receive compensation other than the awards mentioned, which is not factored into the comparison here, such as free medical care and a pension.