June 14 roundup

  • Study: Lawyers overestimate their chance of prevailing in litigation [Post, Volokh]
  • Novell court victory might spell end to SCO Linux-infringement claims [GrokLaw, earlier]
  • “Law firms violating copyrights?” [Mister Thorne]
  • Lawyers say New Jersey money-laundering statute “uniquely criminalizes the mere possession of U.S. currency” [NJLJ]
  • Ted Frank vs. critic on $28 million Sacramento nursing home award [PoL]
  • Advocates push “right to development” for developing countries [Kelly, Global Governance Watch]
  • For once Connecticut AG Blumenthal wants a damage award reduced [Hartford Courant, earlier at PoL]
  • “Did You Know That the Real World Has an STD Waiver?” [Mystal, AtL]


  • In the money laundering article I found this quote. “I can’t get over that this statute says that unless you can explain where and how you got this dough, that’s dirty money.”

    Whatever happened to presumed innocent until proven guilty?

  • Its about time the SCO Linux infringement claim was put to bed. They had never had any case.

  • There was a hearing on C-Span that had a young woman testify that her nursing home business would be unfairly jeopardized by a proposed change in law. A man, the son of a man who died of bed soars, testified that the sky should be the limit for suits and related a tale of terrible care of his father. The man did not take home his dad, nor did he transfer his dad to a different facility. HE DID CASH THE CHECK, as did his lawyer.

    If you are a pathogen looking for a good meal, a decrepit human body is a god send, and you will work hard to overcome the care from nursing personal. If there is a just God the people in Florida should drown in oil!