June 28 roundup

  • Couldn’t sue the bees for stinging, but could get a $1.6 million judgment against the emergency room doc [NJLRA]
  • Eurodoom: “EU to ban selling eggs by dozen” [Telegraph]
  • “Oklahoma’s Unnecessary Law to Ban Citation of Sharia and International Law” [Ku/Opinio Juris, earlier]
  • Shortage of generic anesthetics, and what’s behind it [Throckmorton, Great Zs, earlier]
  • Hardball litigation tactics contribute to bad odor of consumer debt buyers [Felix Salmon]
  • Interview with blogger Carlos Miller (Photography is Not a Crime) [Simon Owens, Bloggasm]
  • Conyers “oil spill” bill would slyly expand litigation chances elsewhere [Drug and Device Law]
  • Prosecutors deploy hate crimes law against… mortgage fraud? [NYT via PoL] 241 inmates serving life sentences claimed the federal homebuyer tax credit [CNBC]


  • […] Two libertarians arrested after videotaping police in Greenfield, Mass. [Balko, earlier here and here] […]

  • […] “House left Class Action Fairness Act alone in SPILL Act” [Wood/PoL, earlier] […]