• My read of the Most Merciful’s comments is that BP shouldn’t attempt to build inefficient processes or systems via lawyers that would ensnare and prolong payments. In other words, BP shouldn’t handle things like the government does.

  • Of course they will be “lawyering up” as would anyone defending themselves against such a catastrophe; however, from the get go, BP has acknowledged the devastation and agreed to cover damages for all LEGITIMATE Claims. I find it somewhat comical that our president refers to all the money BP has spent on an advertising campaign. Well, Mr. President, how much di the federal government recently spend on the CENSUS Campaign…over $50 million…..

  • I read more than a few commenters noting that its a little hypocritical for Eric Holder on one hand to launch a criminal probe, and on the other hand, to scold them for “lawyering up.”

    There has been a disturbing trend recently of the federal government being actively hostile to the idea of a corporation having a lawyer at all. now in spite of the title of this webpage, it would probably be too radical even for the authors of this blog to say that people don’t have a right to “lawyer up”–as the president puts it.

    But you know, let’s turn their attitudes toward the good. this is what we do. we convince Obama that al Qaeda is a greedy corporation. then he will blitzkrieg them!

  • As I like to tell people: “That cop in the interrogation room? NOT YOUR PAL.”

  • Senator Dick Durbin thanked a man whose brother perished in the BP accident for bringing in family pictures of his brother. The pictures will help Durban remove caps from damages.

    Caps are needed to curb juries carried away with emotion after being worked up by plaintiff’s lawyers . Durbin is a sweet fellow who wants to do right, but he is so stupid that he is incompetent.

    At the same hearing a family member of one lost in the accident expressed disappointment that BP did not extend condolence to
    the family. Senator Franklin just sat there. He takes pride in being a smart ass. He could have mentioned that empathy is used by plaintiff’s lawyers as indication of guilt.

    I shouldn’t watch so much C-Span. The Democratic Senators at yesterdays hearing are just evil. They break my heart.