• Here is what i don’t understand. Part of the settlement is that he has to have a yearly physical. Why haven’t the more recent physicals changed his disability status? Maybe he was disabled in 2000 but now he seems “cured”.

  • As an ex-Milwaukee-an, this does NOT surprise me in the least. I honestly don’t think much could surprise me about that area of the world.

  • Well, now that you’ve published the story, he’ll probably find his disability payments cut.

  • I wouldn’t bet on that Joe…

  • Yeah, but he’d be a decathlete if he weren’t disabled!

  • […] Overlawyered brings us this: Taxpayers are paying former police officer Dave Orlowski $53,063 a year of tax-free disability payments, though he’s fit enough to compete in several triathlons a year. An old court decision permits Orlowski to refuse desk work after since he injured his shoulder in 1999. […]

  • I am a 58 yo retired Los Angeles Police Sergeant, and currently a commercial pilot flying business jets. I was also a triathlete in the 1980’s. I have had one knee operation, two rotator cuff repairs on my right shoulder & one on my left. While “technically” judged to be partially disabled after my first shoulder surgery, I not only returned to duty with the LAPD SWAT team, but was able to achieve a maximum score on our quarterly fitness test! I was able to do that through hard work & dedication. This man is a fraud and a disgrace. He is a prime example of why people lack respect for police officers.