New York cop’s $80,000 bias award

The most curious element is not the alleged fight over a Scrabble game, but Sonya Glover’s allegation that she was retaliated against by being made to “perform heavy manual tasks normally assigned to males.” Isn’t there some sort of potential discrimination suit if tasks are normally assigned to males and a female employee is not asked to perform them? [NYDN]


  • Equal Pay For Equal Work……

    Doesn’t that mean…equal pay for equal work? Meaning…the women do the same work the men have to do? …

  • This is just the tip of the iceberg. See Fred’s article about women in the military. Truth that everyone knows but no one dares talk about.

  • walter

    well, in limited defense of the litigant, if normally certain jobs are done by men, but she, an accused lesbian is the ONLY WOMAN made to do them, that could be discrimination according to sexual orientation, which i am 99% sure is illegal in NY State.

    which is not a defense of the whole suit, but i can see the argument, there.