“Ex-Client Wins $7.3M Emotional Distress Award Against Law Firm”

If law firms were asked to pay for all the emotional distress they inflict, there might never be an end to it. [ABA Journal]


  • I think it would be reasonable, considering the current state of law, for winning defendants to sue their accusers and their law firms for infliction of emotional distress. Since we, as a nation, are not willing to go to a more reasonable route to cut down on pernicious lawsuits, this may be the only means of stopping people from idiotic filings.

  • Nothing tickles me more than ridiculous awards against lawyers and law firms. Perhaps the only way we can be shed of these pirates is to wage lawfare against them and hoist them on their own petards.

    I’m hearing some of the doctors I know talk about going bare, with appropriate homestead and asset protection schemes, and throwing money into a pot to litigate every single claim to the nth degree. Let it be known among the ambulance chasing community that they risk a fiendish discovery process and/or countersuits each and every time. No settlements or arbitration permitted EVER.