• The poor man was stuck on the escalator waiting for it to reach the next floor for three days without food and water and almost died.

  • So this guy is saying that (a) he was paying so little attention to his surroundings that he didn’t notice the escalator wasn’t moving, and (b) he was so attentive to his surroundings that he would see and read a warning sign? Right.

  • If I may channel the late Mitch Hedberg for a moment, the escalator should have a warning sign that read, ” Caution: Escalator Temporarily Stairs. Sorry for the Convenience.”

  • Escalator shutdowns aren’t always planned ahead of time, so really they’d need a sign saying “Caution: Escalator may or may not be moving”. That should help.

  • I just did a little research on this subject. I observed the people in from on me getting on the escalator in Macy’s. They stopped, looked down at the moving steps and waited until the step was level with the floor before they stepped on the escalator. If the escalator were not moving, how could stopping and looking before stepping on the escalator cause one to trip?

  • Not too long ago, I got on the long, fast escalator that leads from my employer’s entrance at street level up to the third floor elevator bank.

    I did my customary lean-forward hop to get on, holding my coffee out a bit from my suit to avoid a splash.

    Didn’t notice it wasn’t moving. Damn. Fell face-down onto the sharp stairs, cut my nose and chin, and crushed my full extra-large (and hot!) coffee under me.

    Boy, did I feel stupid.