July 12 roundup

  • Kagan to senators: please don’t confuse my views with Mark Tushnet’s or Harold Koh’s [Constitutional Law Prof]
  • Too much like a Star Wars lightsaber? Lucasfilm sends a cease-and-desist to a laser pointer maker [Mystal, AtL]
  • Ottawa, Canada: family files complaint “against trendy wine bar that turned away dinner party because it included 3mo baby” [Drew Halfnight, National Post]
  • “House left Class Action Fairness Act alone in SPILL Act” [Wood/PoL, earlier]
  • Not so indie? Filmmaker doing anti-Dole documentary on Nicaraguan banana workers says he took cash from big plaintiff’s law firm Provost Umphrey [AP/WaPo, WSJLawBlog, Erik Gardner/THREsq., new plaintiffs’ charges against Dole]
  • Will liability ruling result in closure of popular Connecticut recreational area? [Rick Green, Hartford Courant; earlier]
  • Class action lawyer Sean Coffey, running for New York attorney general, has many generous supporters [NYDN, more, WNYC (Sen. Al Franken headlines closed fundraiser at Yale Club)]
  • “Judge Reduces Damages Award by 90% in Boston Music Downloading Trial” [NLJ, earlier on Tenenbaum case]


  • I’m with the wine bar on this. or I would have been with the wine bar if the chef/owner hadn’t ‘babied’ out and stated that children of all ages were welcome. C’mon buddy, man up. This is a bar that you run.

    Certainly plenty of licensed establishments prohibit entry to all under age of legal consumption.

    Looking at the comments at the link, I see a claim that ‘most 3 month olds sleep all night’. Spoken like a person who has not been around a 3 month old for more than one night.

    Also claimed was that if breast-feeding were to have to occur, no one would notice. We’ve seen how true that is.

    I am in my fifties. If I go somewhere infants should be expected, I have to deal with infants. When I go to a bar, I expect to have to deal with adults.

  • It’s a wine bar. I’m sure the 3month old baby is under the legal age for alcohol consumption. Why would they bring a baby to a bar?

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