July 22 roundup

  • Update from Germany: “Teacher Loses ‘Rabbit-Phobia’ Trial” [Spiegel, earlier]
  • Farther shores of for-your-own-goodery: “Should Obese Kids Be Placed In Foster Care?” [Katz, CBS News]
  • Just one problem with that $725 million AIG securities suit settlement [D&O Diary]
  • After Texas passed bill requiring evidence of impairment, more than 99% of silicosis claimants dropped out [LNL, PoL]
  • Lindsay Lohan disserved by lawyer who can’t keep a confidence [Turkewitz]
  • Pearlstein’s the Washington Post’s anti-business business columnist [McArdle, Wood/ShopFloor]
  • Lawyer shenanigans in Fosamax trial in New York [Walk, Drug & Device Law]
  • Unwelcome surprise: health care bill turns out to tax many house sales [David Boaz, Cato at Liberty]


  • “Should Obese Kids Be Placed In Foster Care?”
    The sign at the bottom of the hill reads “Caution – that slope was slippery.”

  • What strikes me about the German leporiphobia case is that the teacher brought an action for defamation, which could succeed only if the girl’s statements were false, rather than for harassment. I have no idea what German harassment law is like, but given that the girl knew about the phobia and had no purpose other than discomfiting the teacher in drawing a rabbit on the board, a case for harassment might be viable, or at least disciplinary action on the part of the school.