“New Financial Regulations Will Make Whistleblowing Lucrative”

I’m quoted in this report by Dunstan Prial of FoxBusiness.com and in this report by David Savage of the Los Angeles Times on the large-scale bounty incentives in the Dodd-Frank financial regulation bill, which bring us closer to an “informer model of law enforcement” that “encourages people to be disloyal to their friends and co-workers.” Earlier here and here. Other coverage of the whistleblowing provisions: Coyle/NLJ, Koehler/FCPA Professor, Baer/Prawfsblawg.


  • Would those who reveal names of illegal aliens who are getting benefits from taxpayers be eligible for rewards?

  • The informer model of justice worked out well for the Ancient Romans under Nero, right? I mean, if your goal is revenge and getting rid of people the government doesn’t like, it works well. Enforcing justice… eh, not so much.

  • I hear you, but I do wonder about moral robustness of the alternative model — the passive enabler of wrongdoing model.

  • I hope these new regulations will provide fruitful opportunities for Alinskyite counter-attacks on the Left. The possibilities are endless. The various tentacles of George Soros and Al Gore alone should provide targets in abundance, not to mention Obama’s bankster cronies such as Goldman Sachs. It would be particularly effective if bankrolled and organized by, say, the Club for Growth. Let a thousand lawsuits bloom, and let’s do to them what they did to Sarah Palin when she was governor.

  • […] first rather than relying on internal disclosure mechanisms.” [NYT "DealBook", earlier here, here, etc.] More: various perspectives on FCPA whistleblower bounties […]