August 13 roundup

  • Lawyer sued for sexual harassment countersues, wins $1.55 million in damages [The Recorder]
  • Court rejects another challenge to tobacco multistate settlement agreement [Sullum, Reason]
  • European human rights claim: “Fury as German doctor seeks injunction against victim’s sons” [Daily Mail]
  • New CPSC rulemakings on CPSIA testing frequency and component testing could sink many small businesses [Woldenberg]
  • Connecticut AG Blumenthal picks fight with life insurers [Hartford Courant, with comments]
  • Undies moral: “Excess litigiousness is part of the whole shebang of dangerizing everything.” [Skenazy, Free-Range Kids]
  • “False-Marking Suits Head for a Showdown” [Robbins, Texas Lawyer]
  • “I think my years in the [adult film] industry will make me a great lawyer.” [Above the Law]


  • regarding the alleged ten fold overdose of diamorphone; just how does one get their hands on that much? None of the drugs stocked by my adult hospital are in packages large enough to give ten times a routine clinical dose, and for some very good reasons, including, preventing inadvertent massive error, and decreasing the amount of left-overs that could be diverted to illicit use.
    While the doc in this case might be the sharp end of the error, the blunt end of the error is possibly the packaging and delivery system.

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