August 2 roundup

  • “Why Do Employers Use FICO Scores?” Maybe one reason is that government places off limits so many of the other ways they might evaluate job applicants [McArdle, Coyote]
  • Michael Fumento on $671 million verdict against nursing home in California [Forbes]
  • Ted Frank is looking for a pro bono economics expert [CCAF]
  • Lester Brickman, “Anatomy of an Aggregate Settlement: The Triumph of Temptation Over Ethics” [Phillips Petroleum explosion; SSRN via Legal Ethics Forum]
  • Ice cream trucks return to Niskayuna, N.Y. 34 years after a panic-occasioned ban [Free-Range Kids, Mangu-Ward]
  • Galloping trend toward “whistleblower” enactments: this time lawmakers are rushing one on oil workers [Smith/ShopFloor, more, earlier]
  • Class action lawsuit filed against Trident Xtra Care gum, marketed as good for one’s teeth [Hoffman/ConcurOp; compare Russell Jackson on Wrigley’s settlement of a class action over Eclipse chewing gum]
  • EEOC officials urge employers to ban foul language and swearing in workplace [seven years ago at Overlawyered]


  • Niskayuna, N.Y is home to very smart people including engineers. Instead of looking at the death rate from the thousands of ice-cream trucks in the United States, there was a generalization from a single incident of a little girl being fatally injured by an ice-cream truck. That is so STUPID it brings tears to my eyes.

    Not that long ago there was a 60% chance of death between birth and age 5. Death before age 5 is rare, an the chance is less than 1% but not zero. The little girl could have died in a regular automobile accident, drowned in a swimming pool, have burned in a house fire, or been taken by the flu.

    What does it mean when well educated people can not apply reasoning to a problem? There was a community on long island of very successful people who acted like idiots in a child sexual abuse case. A movie was made about it: Capturing the Friedmans. The movie was far too gentile on the community. “Where did the mollestation take place?” “In an office near the class room.” “Where did the frog hopping sodomy occur?” “In the classroom.” Yet the movie said there was some evidence of offenses, the need to be balanced overwhelmed the facts in the debacle.

    Over half of our population cannot differentiate between an atom an an electron. Yet Bill Gates says we need move education. He is a jackass. Senator Klobuchar juse had a horrendous hearing with lead nuts. He follow Senator, Al Franken speaks fondly of fishing with his father where he undoubtedly handled lead sinkers. My friend Jimmy and I used to melt lead on a stove and pour our own sinkers. Jimmy became a mechanical engineer, I though college mathematics, and Al Franken was highly regarded as a writter. But ms Klobuchar has taken in all the crazy lead theories. She is an IDIOT!

  • […] More criticism of $671 million California nursing home verdict [Tracy Leach/Examiner, California Civil Justice, earlier] […]