Godzilla’s lawyers would like a word with you

A little food stand in scenic Damariscotta, Maine calls itself Grill Zilla BBQ, and recently received a letter from trademark lawyers. Even if its owners hadn’t made the mistake of using a green reptile mascot, they would probably have heard from the Japanese conglomerate Toho, which is quite vigorous about policing verbal and visual echoes of its “Godzilla” mark. [Kennebec Journal]


  • One wonders why they haven’t gone after Mozilla.org yet (its website bugzilla.mozilla.org has a creature quite like Godzilla, only red).

    Which leads to an interesting question. Is there a point at which, if an IP owner hasn’t done anything about an infringement, he loses the right?

  • So paint the lizard blue and call it “Gojira”…