“Government finds no electronic defects in runaway Toyotas ‘so far'”

After criticism for not releasing the results of its probe, the administration concedes that NHTSA has found little or no support for the trial lawyers’ electronic-gremlins theory. [USA Today, WSJ, L.A. Times, earlier here, here, etc.]


  • Around the web, August 12…

    NHTSA finally admits that driver error is the reason behind sudden acceleration to date. Meanwhile, in Minnesota, Koua Fong Lee, who killed two people when he drove his Toyota into an Oldsmobile at 70-90 mph, released from prison after blaming……

  • It’s gonna be Audi all over again.

  • […] The Washington Post — unlike some other newspapers we might think of — doesn’t mind letting its editorial stance catch up with the facts on the ground as they appear to NHTSA staff. We’ve been on the story for quite a while. […]