Speaking at several law schools in 2010

It’s the 2010 Ted Frank law-school-speaking tour!

September 9: Louisiana State
September 15: New York University
September 16: Columbia
October 6: Texas Wesleyan
October 7: St. Mary’s (San Antonio)
November 9: Ohio State
November 10: Toledo

It’s not too late to get on the calendar if your school’s Federalist Society is interested.

One Comment

  • In what I hope is a spirit of healthy emulation, let me add that I’ll be heading out on the law school circuit myself in the Spring semester, and maybe earlier, to talk on the themes of my due-in-February book Schools for Misrule: Legal Academia and an Overlawyered America. Potential hosts should contact the Cato Institute, or me at editor – at – thisdomainname – dot – com, or, if a Federalist Society chapter, the Fed Soc home office in Washington.