Why JetBlue can’t crack a smile

The airline’s legal department is almost certainly insisting on a sober demeanor, and as a result JetBlue has to stay on the sidelines as the Steven Slater episode becomes the internet story of the week. [Parekh/Bush, AdAge via Balasubramani]


  • This seems like a made for BO moment, he should be getting the miscreant passenger, Slater and the feds to all drop by for a beer and chat in the Rose Garden. We already know Steve drinks beer, but what brand? Enquiring minds want to know.

    On a semi-serious moment, given the public support for Slater I can’t imagine the DOJ would allow this to go to trial, just one or two regular airline passengers on the jury and free he would go.

  • JetBlue comments, or more accurately, no-comments.