“Handicapped man sues Tampa strip club”

In Tampa, the Mons Venus strip club “is being sued for its alleged uninviting nature to people with disabilities.” Kendrick Duldulao, who uses a wheelchair, says there are no suitable ramps, “the hostess stand is too high, and the toilets and jukebox are inaccessible.” [BayNews9.com] More: Radley Balko (“Reached for comment, other Mons Venus patrons replied, ‘There’s a jukebox?'”)


  • Next he will sue a member of the world’s oldest profession for not accommodating his disabilities.

  • i forgot where, but i have seen where communities have used things like this, specifically disability accommodation to close down strip clubs. mind you, the issue isn’t really disability accommodation, but about hating strip clubs. I am not a big fan myself, but in general its a free country.

    That being said, I do still believe that disabilities must be accommodated everywhere, so at least the restrooms need to be accessible, and ramps where appropriate. and please don’t tell me they can’t afford it. I am sure they have plenty of money. My understanding is it is a lucrative business.

  • I once knew a woman who worked as a prostitute. Her only customers were the handicapped. Their parents would bring them to her. I can’t begin to fathom the mental/moral gymnastics she went through, but at least she didn’t have to worry about bogus ADA suits.

  • john

    ugly truth, you have to think that handicapped people have trouble obtaining partners based on love, etc. prostitution might be their only outlet. which is messed up and vain in my book. but what can you do?

  • btw, i heard there was a strip club with handicapped strippers. strictly amputees. called “stubs.” lol

  • Aaron is right. Unless you’re physically near perfect, the majority of people won’t even consider you for a romantic relation, let alone a sexual one.
    So those who’re seriously disabled before getting married often find themselves alone and abandoned (emotionally, physically, financially) by all those except maybe (and sometimes by them too) their closest family.

    If this man sues under the ADA and he really did attend that venue and found those issues, more power to him.
    The ADA is largely overly broad maybe, and such lawsuits are idiotic, especially the penalties levied under them (I’d have written the thing so the only penalty is having a court order written to ammend the situation and a fine to the court if you don’t comply) but the principle of having something like it is sound.

  • Aaron Worthing, is your home 100% in compliance with ADA?

  • jack

    yes, it is. if you understand the ADA, you know what that means.

  • Aaron, if you understand the ADA you must be telepathic, because it is a very vague law and its requirements seem to have mainly evolved through legal action.

    I remember when it first came in and I was looking to convert a building to an office. My local code guy warned me about complying with ADA but he couldn’t tell me what the requirements were!