“NJ Judge: Casinos Must Pay $8M for Misleading Ads”

“Because [Harrah’s] ads did not explicitly state that the $15 [“birthday cash”] vouchers could not be redeemed until after 8 a.m. on the days in question, tens of thousands of recipients are entitled to $100 each in damages — a potential $8 million hit to the casino giant’s bottom line.” [AP/NYT]


  • At least at the individual level this does not necessarily seem unreasonable. It would not surprise me if people were to make casino plans for the night before and the early morning hours. To then find out that the voucher you had was no good does seem like an injury in fact to me, the business lured you in with a false promise.

  • So, these people got free money to play at the casino, and now there are getting more because the voucher did not specifically state the date and time it could be used? And this is supposed to be “reasonable” damages. Bull. This is what is wrong with our country. At most, they should have gotten replacement vouchers stating the the dates and times of its redemption.

  • But, if I am reading this right, the people getting the $100 were those who DID redeem their vouchers? Those who DIDN’T will have to file another lawsuit. How does that make any sense?

  • it doesn’t make any sense.