On tonight’s John Stossel show (FBN)

I’m a guest on tonight’s John Stossel program on the Fox Business Network, on the subject of the consequences of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The show was shot live to tape yesterday in New York and was fascinating throughout; even those who think they know this subject well will learn a lot. I’m also quoted in John’s latest syndicated column on the same issue.

Among the highlights of the taping: a disabled-rights lobbyist defended several extreme applications of the law, including the notion that it might be appropriate to force networks to hire someone who suffers from stuttering as on-air television talent. We also shed some light on the state of California’s up-to-$4,000-a-violation bounty system for freelancers who identify ADA violations in Main Street businesses, and the case for at least requiring complainants to give business owners notice and an opportunity to fix an ADA violation before suing. (The disabled-rights lobby has managed to stifle that proposal in Congress for years.) Also mentioned: the suit against the Chipotle restaurant chain recently covered in this space.

Other recent coverage of the ADA here and here (cross-posted from Cato at Liberty). More: Amy Alkon notes some New York City examples from a commenter.


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  • Among the highlights of the taping: a disabled-rights lobbyist defended several extreme applications of the law, including the notion that it might be appropriate to force networks to hire someone who suffers from stuttering as on-air television talent.

    I guess he thinks Harrison Bergeron is an ADA compliance manual.

  • I worked for my employer, a large general merchandise firm, and testified before Congress for a retail association during the run up to the passage of the ADA. Our efforts to get some definitions and precise parameters into the final act were only slightly successful. I pointed out then, and have been proven correct in my predictions, that a nebulous standard such as “reasonable accommodation” would lead to litigation, not provide a guide.
    At the time I was told by the top legal assistant of the then chairman of the EEOC, that there is no accommodation a large retailer cannot afford to make. His contention was that we would have to hire sighted readers to assist blind checkout operators. Also that there was nothing to prevent an epileptic diamond cutter from being employed as such, since he wasn’t a danger to others, only to the occasional diamond. This is the attitude that prevails among some in this murky law.

  • Well done, Walter.

  • You would think the simple fact that employment rates for the disabled have DECLINED since the ADA would cause Congress to reconsider….

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