September 24 roundup

  • “Appeals court dismisses Oneida Indians’ 40-year-old land claim” [Syracuse Post-Standard; Howard Bashman links to more coverage including opinion; much more on the case in my forthcoming book]
  • When blogging, careful about using the sort of hypotheticals common in law school discussion [Kerr]
  • Beacon, N.Y.: Retro Arcade Museum falls victim to retro town ordinance banning pinball [NYT]
  • Prosecutor suspended from law practice over misconduct, which almost never happens [Greenfield]
  • George Mason U. Law & Econ Center unveils new website;
  • On Polinsky and Shavell’s “The Uneasy Case for Product Liability” [Beck, Drug & Device Law]
  • What did other defendants pay? “Company wants look at asbestos bankruptcy trust payments” [LNL, Maryland]
  • Measuring tape? The many items you’re not allowed to bring into Detroit’s City Hall [Amy Alkon]

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