Ugg-ly trademark lawyering?

According to Felix Salmon, the company that owns the trademark in most countries on “Ugg” for sheep-fleece footwear has used it in “extremely aggressive” fashion against competitors, most particularly against exports from Australia where the term is generic and small firms have produced boots and shoes under similar names for many years.


  • So in Australia, “Uggs” are more of a clothing item such as tennis shoes or flip flops? I’ve never been a fan of the boots to begin with.

  • Joe, they’re only a regular clothing item for bogans (our equivalent term to “rednecks”). In my experience, “uggs” only refers to the loose, low-cut style of boot that’s usually worn around the house like slippers.

  • So we have a company whose brand name has become a household name for a style of product trying to deter that trend.
    Not the first time. No doubt not the last time either.

    Aspirin is a classic case of course 🙂