• The comments for this article are fascinating, as all sorts of emotions pour out. The quote in the article about how the Italians should be satisfied with an Italian governor immediately calls up a similar question about our two black presidents (if you include Bill Clinton) and our only black supreme court justice (not counting Clarence Thomas).

    As a full Italian (all four grandparents born in Italy), I can recall my father saying that Italians were discriminated against, because he used to see it in the US govt promotion process. But he also told his children to never feel sorry for ourselves, because that was the guaranteed path to failure. He was the only child in his family of 12 to get a college education, in a technical field, but he still married my mother, who has a 7th grade education. She understood the value of an education, though, and worked hard to make sure that her children got whatever was necessary to learn. What we need is more parents telling their children to get an education and never feel sorry for themselves, and less of this group victim philosophy.

  • City University is hoisted with their own petard. Isn’t affirmative action wonderful?

  • Interesting claim… I would have thought that Italian-Americans by now were included under “white”, thus making them ineligible for victim group status, but maybe taking another tack is strategic. Given how unpopular it is to be white, everyone and his brother claims ANYTHING ELSE as an identity, i.e., I have an Indian great-grandmother, I’m really more of an Irishman, etc.

    Repeat until you believe it: Diversity is our greatest strength.

  • I wonder what Enrico Fermi would say about the suit. Electrons, Protons, and Neutrons, the stuff of stuff, are called Fermions in honor of him.