Checking job applicants’ credit references

Many employers find the practice helpfully predictive, but the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is stepping up pressure against it. [WSJ Law Blog, Hyman]


  • Around the web, October 29…

    After the leak of this Larry Tribe letter, we perhaps know who bad-mouthed Sonia Sotomayor to Jeff Rosen. The bad-mouthing of Justices Breyer and Kennedy (and smear of Diane Wood) are also in there. Don’t miss the last-paragraph flattery. Above……

  • Does anyone know what other things one’s credit score is used for, unrelated to things financial (i.e. Loans, etc. )? I have heard that the credit score is used by auto insurance companies for the purpose of whether or not to insure drivers; since it is mandatory to have insurance in order to drive in most if not all states, how “fair” is that?

  • Interesting how racial generalizations are DENIED when they work to non-whites’ disadvantage, but ASSERTED when they work to non-whites’ advantage. I.E., “You can’t generalize and say that blacks and Hispanics have lower credit” vs. “Blacks and Hispanics have lower credit, and therefore, you can’t use credit scores to discriminate against them.”